Thursday, 21 August 2014



[1]. CARS = Prices ranges from N200,000 to N1,700,000
[2]. ELECTRONICS i.e Phones, Laptop computers, TV sets, etc = Prices ranges From N5,000 to N150,000
[3]. KEKE NAPEP/MOTOCYCLES = From N50,000 -to- N150,000
[4]. CEMENT = N1,000 Per bag
[5]. RICE = N3,500 per bag
[6]. INDOMIE NOODLES = N1,000 per carton
[9]. SPAGHETTI = N1,000 per carton
[7]. SALT:DOMESTIC = N1,500 per bag

The Nigeria Customs Service(NCS) acting on President Muhammadu Buhari directive on de congestion and mass clear-out of all seized products from the former government of Goodluck Jonathan, urge all interested persons to Contact the Sales Manager on 07035907330 to place order.


Toyota Prado,Toyota Highlander,Toyota Land cruiser,Toyota Rav4,Toyota Sienna,Toyota Hiace Buses,Toyota Camry, Hilux,Tundra,Nissan Pathfinder,Lexus RX330,Lexus RX300. Honda Accord,Honda Crv,Honda Civic, Honda Pilot, Hyundai, Soonata,Honda Odyssey,Golf 2,3,4, Nissan of different models, Toyota Avalon, Audi Q7,Ford Egde,Infinity of different models, Toyota Venza,Range Rover sport,Tureg,Honda Cross tour, Jaguar XL. And a host of other cars which are not mentioned here.
Starting from 1999-2015 models. Prices ranges from N200,000 - 1.700,000. All interested persons should Contact The Tariff & Trade Manager on: 07035907330



  1. I just want to use this great medium to express my gratitude to you guys for making me the owner of a fairly used Ford Focus. I bought it on Tuesday at a ridiculously cheap rate. I saw yoour advertisement on Vanguard newspaper so I decided to call to see if I can actually get a cheap car to buy, To my uttermost surprise I was sent the pictures of two cars to choose from. I choosed the Ford Focus and paid for it, eleven hours later my car was brought by your driver to my gate. Out of joy I gave the driver five thousand naira.. To everybody out there, I say this is you chance to own a car!

    Keep up the good work,

    Jatto Frank From Jos.

  2. Thank you very much for this cheap vehicles Auction you have brought to us. A lot of people here in Nigeria would have love to own a car but because cars are rather too expensive these days, they canot afford a car. I thank you guys for bringing poor Nigerians this great opportunity to own a car. My God Almighty continue to strengthen you to do more for us.

    Mrs Ruth from Illorin

  3. Please, do you have a clean and sound Toyota Avalon 2007 model for sale? That is my dream car, I would love to buy it from you if you have it up for sale right now. Thanks, I am waiting for your urgent reply.

  4. Hello Sharon,

    We have that vehicle you asked of. The 2007 Toyota Avalon, its up for sale at a cheap rate of N650,000. If you are interested, kindly endeavor to
    Call the Nigerian Custom Auction Office Hot Line on Tel: 08130681411,

    BB Pin: 287B103C.

    Best Regards.

  5. Thanks for your Urgent reply. I'll put a call across to them as soon as I finish typing this. I appreciate.

  6. Do you have the 2004 Toyota Highlander? I am interested.

  7. Yes, we have it. Call the Nigerian Custom Auction Office Hot Line on Tel: 08130681411,

    BB Pin: 287B103C. To book the car down before another person book it first.

    Best regards,
    The NCS team.

  8. Engineer Chukwudiebube22 August 2014 at 10:06

    I need Lexus RX330, 2010 model. Is it available?

  9. Yes, its available. Are you interested. If yes,
    Call the Nigerian Custom Auction Office Hot Line on Tel: 08130681411,

    BB Pin: 287B103C. Thanks.

  10. I have called them and they have agreed to sell it for Me for N600,000. Thanks a lot, I really really appreciate you. I will go and pay for the car on Monday by God's grace. Bye.

  11. Hon Cavil Uduak Inwang22 August 2014 at 10:22

    Thank you so much for this wonderful development, I bought a Toyota Sienna from you guys for my wife. I must confess that you guys sold it for me at a very cheap price. Thanks a lot, I Promise to bring you as many customers as I can.

    Cavil from Akwa-Ibom.

  12. Which cars do you have for sale? Because I need a car but I have not made up my mind about which one to choose

  13. AVAILABLE CARS: Toyota Prado,Toyota Highlander,Toyota Land cruiser,Toyota Rav4,Toyota Sienna,Toyota Hiace Buses,Toyota Camry,Hilux,Tundra,Nissan Pathfinder,Lexus RX330,Lexus RX300. Honda Accord,Honda Crv,Honda Civic,HondaPilot,Hyundai,Soonata,Honda Odyssey,Golf 2,3,4, Nissan of different models, Toyota Avalon,Audi Q7,Ford Egde,Infinity of different models,Toyota Venza,Range Rover sport,Tureg,Honda Cross tour, Jaguar XL.

  14. I need the 2009 Honda Pilot. How do I go about it?

  15. Mr Wilson, Call the Nigerian Custom Auction Office Hot Line on Tel: 08130681411,

    BB Pin: 287B103C

  16. Revd Michael C Amaegbu25 August 2014 at 12:54

    You people are God sent. I have gotten so much from you. May the Almighty God bless you TRILLION times. Amen. My confusion is how do one go about it if you need a latest car like let's say the 2013 Range Rover Sport. I am really interested in that car so please I need you to reply as soon as you can.


  17. Dear Reverend Michael C Amaegbu, you can come to the Auction Centre right here in Seme border, Badagry Lagos with your cash to get the car yourself. But if you cannot go through the rigor of coming down here to the auction centre, kindly Call the Nigerian Custom Auction Office Hot Line on Tel: 08130681411,

    BB Pin: 287B103C

    NOTE: We deliver to wherever you are in the 36 states of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

  18. Me too I need a vehicle ooooo! But I don't have much money right now because I am still in school, all I have is just 100k. Actually, A friend of mine who bought an RX 330 from you last week Friday told me yesterday that he saw a Toyota Carina E in the Auction Center, for sale at one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Naira. Please, how true is that? I need to know so that I can decide whether to borrow fifty thousand and add it to the one hundred thousand naira that is with me right now and buy the car.

    Thanks in Advance.

  19. Hi NCS, I am very impressed with this Auctioning of cars at a very cheap and affordable rate. I would like to know what the auction price of Toyota Prado 2009 model is?

    Kind Regards,
    Darlington from Calabar.

  20. Dear Mr Darlington,

    the auction price of 2009 Toyota is N850,000 Negotiable. Contact us ASAP to buy a very clean one from the first batch.

  21. Adedotun Olonitoye25 August 2014 at 13:55

    I haven't found cheap cars as cheap as the one I bought from you today. I don't know how much I can thank you. I am realy moved by your generousity. These are the kind of things we need here in Nigeria, not bombing here, bombing there. Kudos to the Nigerian Custom Services, I'm now thinking on how to get capital to start buying from you at a cheaper and sell to potential customers here in Nigeria..


  22. Good evening,

    I must say am very interested
    in this auction, for me i have registered
    my own business name with CAC but is not a limited liability company yet, but as soon as i setup d business properly, I will upgrade it to limited. Well, i will love to know much about buying cars from you in wholesale.

  23. Please Permit me to just air my views with the way some people are reacting about the unit price of car from Nigeria Custom Services, I believe the NCS are selling these cars very cheap right now, prices of goods, commodities and services in Nigeria are never constant and changes at the slightest opportunity, be it increase or decrease in the exchange rate most especially the dollar, mere fuel scarcity or even if there is rainfall.

    Let me give or use this example, if Mr
    David decided to introduce a biz plan of commercial transportation as a lucrative biz and mention the fare from Ojuelegba to CMS is =N=200.00 between the hours of 07:00am and 10:00am on a rainy Monday morning, and by the time anyone of us decided to do a survey and boarded a bus from this same ojuelegba to CMS and was charged =50.00 on a sunny day
    between 2:00pm and 8:00pm,, are we going to start nailing him to get his facts/prices correct? Let us all appreciate his effort. Many are out there online who will not give you
    this information for free, will ask you to pay into a bank account to get an ebook and at the end of it all this ebook is a waste of money and time. Please anything that has to do with price in Nigeria is never constant ,
    The price of Cars from Nigerian Custom as at when he got his information could have been 1,000 and before he would even finish compiling his write-up for the blog, the price
    would have changed. Another question is what if he stated it was 1,000 and by the time we all decided to do the registration and go to the NCS the price fell to 500 per car, what would have been our reaction?
    The bottom line is just have the idea, we all
    want to do biz and make profit fine but
    better to make steady/constant small profit and build the biz overtime to make it large.

    Thanks so much,
    Marcus Aremu From Ogun State.

  24. Hello everyone,
    I am interested in shipping cement from
    Germany to Nigeria. I will like to have buyers
    ready before I bring in the shipment. I have
    not done any research yet with regards to
    price per bag or something but I am
    interested in knowing how much you think a
    bag will go for when I arrive with it in Nigeria.
    If I get good response and a large number, who knows, we might just be able to form a conglomerate and offset the whole Dangote monopoly. I am living in Heidelberg in Germany, although a Nigerian, I hold a
    German citizenship too and I can always get the cement on a regular basis. That being said, I would also like to know whether there is a ban on importation of cement into Nigeria. Thanks a lot for your anticipated responses.

  25. Please I need the1999 Toyota Camry aka tiny light. Is it available, if yes, how much?

  26. Mr Ola, yes the 1999 Toyota camry pencil light is available at N450,000 auction price. Its still available as I speak to you right now, go for it quickly before someone else buys it.

  27. How much is your Toyota venza and hyundai sonata

  28. What is your rate of exchange used for USD to Naira?

  29. Is there golf 4 or Toyota Sienna? How much if available? Thanks

  30. hello,
    is there a toyota carina E, toyota corolla 2000 or a golf 4 up for grab???
    reply me so i make contact soon.
    thank you



  32. Yes Mr Smart, we have Golf 4 of N250,000 for sale right at this moment. If you are really interested, send us your request so that we can forward you the pictures.

  33. Yes Mr Danladi, there is one Toyota Carina E for sale at an affordable rate of N150,000. You spoke to me over the phone not quite long ago and I asked you for your email so that I can send you the photos of the car. I have personally sent the photos to the two emails you sent to me. Please kindly check your mail and then call me so that we can conclude. Thanks for stoping by,

    Best Regards.

  34. @Alvin Martin, we have a very cheap Toyota Picnic up for grab at the moment. The price is N250,000 only. If you are interested, kindly send us your request ASAP.

  35. as i informed you i am yet to receive the picture you said you send to my email, i've been away just got back
    added you on BBM with the BBM pin stated on your previous comment hoping to get the pictures from you
    will like you please to include a picture of the Toyota picnic you are having on ground.
    thank you.

  36. Hello,
    Thank you for this great opportunity. Please how much will Toyota Venza 2010 model go for if it is available?

  37. Please do you have 2000 or 2002 Infinity QX45 Jeep?
    If Yes, How much and how do i place Offer

  38. Yes ofcourse we have. Contact our sales manager on 07035907330 to place order. Best regards.

  39. You all posting here and making stupid claims of having bought a cheap car and thanking NCS are all crooks working together to defraud people. The fake "Nigerian Custom Auction" may be one and same person making the false postings. Even if it was true then you guys buying for cheap and happy are all crooks. These are items that have been seized from the rightful owners and would you be happy if your property is seized amd sold for cheap? THIEVIES and 419s